SFHG Members Only Form

Access to certain pages is restricted to SFHG members. These include Surname Interests (a subset appears on the public pages), and some of the SFHG's person databases. You will be prompted to supply the username and password if and when you attempt access.

The left column links to more about the database, and the right to the data.

The username and password can be obtained by completing and submitting the form that follows. Your membership number is required and will be sent to you within a few days of joining. Please also use the form if you have forgotten the values.

Updated values will be sent by email to all members for whom we hold an email address, annually in the month you joined, or January if you joined prior to August 2013.

Please note that all fields must be completed. When your SFHG details have been checked you will be sent the "user name" and "password" by email.

Please be aware that mail filters sometimes prevent the information reaching you. If you have asked before without a response reaching you, please say so and check your settings.

Email address

New members also receive a copy of the Members Handbook, the latest copy of which can be found here for existing members (it is updated annually).