GUNNs of Brighton

My father was Frederick Lionel Gunn, born in Brighton in 1908. His parents were John Gunn, born Brighton, 1874 and Lucy Ann Hunt, born Brighton, 1875. They were married in Brighton in 1894.

The father of Lucy was Daniel Hunt, born in Dorset, about1844. Lucy's mother was Ann, born in Dorset, about 1846. On the 1861 census, Simon, Daniel's father, is living in Leigh, Dorset.

In 1881 Daniel is living in Brighton. He is wrongly named Gabriel and Hunt is spelt "Hount." His wife, Ann, is shown as being born in Conie Abbey, Dorset. They are living at 14 Appollo Terrace. In 1891 their daughter, Lucy Ann' is living with Charles and Mary Joyhones (Jones?) These are possibly relatives, having been born in Dorset.

On the 1901 census John Gunn and Lucy Ann are living at 25 Nelson Row, Brighton. John is a cabman/groom. The children are John, aged 6; George, aged 4; Edward, aged 3 and Victor, 8 months. The children born later were, I think, Leslie, Sidney - possibly others - and my father, Frederick. With much help, I have been able to trace John's ancestors:

His father was John Gunn (born Brighton, 1853.) He married Maria Edgar (born London, 1851) in 1871. John's father was George Gunn ( born Brighton, 1825.) He married Louis Whiley (born Gorleston, 1827) in 1849. George's father was John Gunn ( born Brighton, 1790) who married Phyllis Gates ( born Goring, 1790) in 1809. The rest are Nathaniel (1746), Nathaniel (1725), Nathaniel (1700) and Stephen 1664).

If anybody can provide me with information about these families - both Hunt and Gunn - I would be very grateful.

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