With in excess of 60 members already researching my family name, it is with a certain degree of trepidation that I add these details of my own family research to date and personal interests/ambitions.

Family lore has it that, depending on their braveness or otherwise, at some stage during the European Wars of religious persecution between Catholics and Protestants, my Huguenot ancestors of trading profession, left France and sailed to Sussex, eventually moving through London to Woburn, Beds and Olney, Bucks, from where my wife and children emigrated to the Republic of South Africa in 1984. We have a family crest - a nag's head on a ducal crown - which seems to have European origins and which has been handed down. It is my initial objective, if somewhat daunting, to prove the direct line, at least to that Sussex landing.

Initial investigations were relatively easy because, at some stage, a family bible came into our possession. I list the line researched to date, but the last three in brackets have not been substantiated to any degree of satisfaction and should only be regarded as maybes at this stage. It would appear that, according to information gleaned from various Sussex Censuses, many of the family were Tallow Chandlers.

I would be only too pleased to enter into correspondence with members having like interests, share what information I already have or assist anyone if it can be of any help in their own family research, obviously accepting corrections to my own work along the way!

  1. James, b1860, Southwark, Ldn, m 1884, Peckham, Ldn, to Lucy Read
  2. James, b 1834, Eastbourne, m 1859, Ldn, to Maria Washbourne Sage
  3. John, b 1799, Eastbourne, m 1831, to Mary Lynn
  4. ( James, b 1765 Alfriston, m1792 to Elizabeth Relfe, Ripe.)
  5. ( James, b circa 1735, m 1757 to Sarah Piper, Alfriston.)
  6. ( James, b 1703 )

Best Wishes,
Marcus Marchant

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