Lambert ALLEN, born 1844 Horsham

Do you know what happened to Lambert Allen, born in Horsham in 1844 to Alfred Allen and Mary Alberry.

Lambert was the youngest son of Alfred, who with his brother Dennet caused quite a stir in Horsham in the late 1850's when they defrauded the government of a considerable amount of excise tax on the malt they produced. They fled to America in 1858, possibly Lambert went with them, but by the 1861 Census Lambert and his father were both at home in Horsham with Lambert's sister Mary Matilda.

That is the last definite location I have for him, though I know he was still alive in 1866 because he is mentioned as a beneficiary of his father's will, though his whereabouts at that time was not recorded. Trade and Post Office directories for 1866, 1867, 1874, 1878 and 1882 do not make any mention of him, though his elder brother Alfred Alberry Allen is there, and so is his uncle Dennett, obviously also returned from America.

I have good reason to believe that Lambert was my great great grandfather George Lambert Allen, who was living in Hartlepool by the time of his daughter Susan's birth in 1876, but I as yet I have not been able to find definite proof that they are one and the same. I have been unable to trace a marriage certificate for George Lambert, and so I have been unable to confirm his father's name.

I am hoping that by trying to fill in the missing years when Lambert disappears and George Lambert first appears, I can prove or disprove the connection, but not being local to Horsham myself, I don't really know what sources there might be, apart from trade directories that might help. What were the schools in the area that he might have gone to?

Did he join up? What were the local regiments? Were there any local schemes in the 1860's and 1870's that might have encouraged a farmer's son from Sussex to move to Hartlepool? What local papers were there that might have reported on the 'Notorious Allen Brother' and their families?

If you can tell me of any records that might help me close the gap between 1861 and 1876, please take the trouble to point me in their direction.

Thank you for your help, Sharon

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