My main research is in the Hailsham area. I would like to connect with anyone with information or connections to the above named families.

My Great Grandfather, William LEVETT, the son of William Sr. LEVETT & Ellen SIMMONS, was born 1884 in Hailsham. William & Ellen had 3 children; William, John & Ellen. Ellen SIMMONS, daughter of John SIMMONS & Fanny STEVENS, died in 1903 and William Sr. marries Naomi HUNNISETT. William Sr & Naomi have 2 more children: Arthur & Doris.

William Sr., the son of Amos LEVETT & Mary CATT, was born 1860 in Hailsham. Amos & Mary had 9 children, all born in Hailsham; Charlotte, Martha, Alfred, William, Caroline ( Carrie), Emily, John, David & Mary (Minnie). Amos, born 1828 in Wilmington, settled in Hailsham and worked for the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway most of his life, as did a couple of his sons. Mary CATT, born 1836, was from Heathfield.

I would appreciate any info about these people. I would also be interested in the history of Hailsham and the area and the LBSC railway as well. I have found info online but it is very general.

Thank you in advance,
Cindy from Canada

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