The BOOTES of Bodiam

The BOOTES family have been in Sussex since before the Civil War and possibly since the time of William the Conqueror. The 'E' is optional, coming and going almost at a whim; but the 'S' is mandatory. It seems a common feature of Sussex surnames to acquire a suffixed -ES or -S so there is probably a link to the BOOT and BOOTE surname slightly more commonly found in Cheshire, Lancashire, and Nottinghamshire. There is also a sizeable tribe of BOOTS dating back to the Civil War in royalist Oxfordshire, but all variants of the surname are surprising rare which beggars the accepted belief that it is an occupational surname relating to footwear.

My database is extensive and it is fascinating to trace the descendants of James Bootes and Anne Collins of Bodiam (married 1721) whose five sons have spread offspring across the globe to America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand ... and those of us, like me, who merely ended up in Sunderland, or even (dare I say?) Kent.

I have registered my work with the Guild of One-Name Studies.

Paul Bootes

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