VINALL 1590-1635

Allegedly, a Stephen Vinall (or maybe John) died at a young age leaving his widow Ann (Anna) with three children, Martha, Stephen, John, who emigrated to Plymouth Colony in present day Massachusetts in 1635. I am very unsure if we should consider Stephen (sr.) to be the correct name as I have not been able to find records of his birth or death in Sussex in the timeframe of 1630-1635. We have been told he is related to a John Vinall of Kingston-near-Lewes.

I am hoping these names have surfaced somewhere as a family unit that I can tie to the Vinalls who settled in Scituate, Massachusetts. Martha born 1628, Stephen born 1630, John born 1632, all in Sussex, England. None of this can be construed as factual. I only have the records as reported in Plymouth Mass.

I would very much so be interested in Ann (Anna) Vinall's maiden name and where she was born.

Thanks. Mark Storey

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