Researching Heine, Hayn, Hayne, Haine, Haines of Sussex

Hello I am researching my maternal grandmother's ancestors. According to a book written by a family member in the 19th century, the earliest record found is of a Thomas Hayn or Hayne of Sullington and Storrington, born @1500, who may have married a Wase or Crossingham. They had 4 children. Thomas died between 14/11/1557 and 12/1/1558-9. His Will stated that his wish was to be buried in St Mary's churchyard at Sullington, but of this burial no record exists. His ancestors may have come from Sussex, but also possibly from Berkshire, the Isle of Wight or Devonshire

The Haines Family of Sussex (spelt Haines by Richard (1633-1685) after @1660, ggg grandson of Thomas, above) lived in Sullington, Storrington, Wiggenholt, Bramber, Binsted, West Wantley, Tillington, Wisborough Green, Washington, Ashington, Warnham, Kirdford, Clayton, East Preston, Brighton and Ticehurst, until the early 1800's after which most of them moved to Surrey (Godalming) London & Herts.

Some families emigrated to France, the USA, India, Australia & Tasmania during the 19th century. Some of course may still be living in Sussex

Early occupations were mostly Yeoman, though later descendants included soldiers (mainly in the employ of the East India Service) farmers, labourers, a vicar, several authors, surgeons and plenty of artisans. Our major claim to fame was Sir Frederick Paul Haines, Field Marshal (1819-1909). Family names associated with the Haines during their period in Sussex included Baker, Barnes, Batcheller, Beard, Blackman, Blaker, Callowe, Camp, Campion, Champney, Charman, Chestlet/Chestle, Clayton, Downer, Ede/Eede, Eldridge, Godfrey, Gough, Greene, Greenfield, Hibbert, Hogsflesh, Hooke, Hurst, Ledbetter/Lidbetter, Maten/Martyn, Newman, Nott, Parlet, Peachey, Penfold, Pollard, Richards, Seale/Searle, Styles/Stiles, Turgis, Vahan and Winkle

There are still plenty of family details missing on the Tree and the 20th century is proving much harder to research (no available Census after 1911 etc) than previous times. We are therefore keen to hear from those interested in or associated with or have details of any Haines Family on our Tree. Similarly we are happy to pass on details about this family or any with which it was associated

Regards, Simon Taylor

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