Goble, Jeffery, Cork, Towner, Cobby, Mitchell

Information l have.

Thomas Goble (grandfather) (Fisherman) born 16/7/1884,Brighton. Married Harriet Jane Cobby 13/7/1904, Brighton. Harriet was born 8/7/1882, 30 Spa Street, Brighton. Her parents were William Cobby (Fish Hawker) and Jane (Elderton). Thomas' address at time of marriage was 3 Cavendish Street, Brighton. Address at time of my mother's birth was 14 Carlton Court, Brighton. Thomas was with the Sky Lark boat team on Brighton seafront. Owned by the Leach family, l believe.

Thomas's parents were James Goble (Bricklayers Labourer) and Mary (Jeffery) address at time of birth, 17 Carlton Court, Brighton. They were married at St.Nicholas Church, Brighton, 20/8/1871. Address at time of marriage was 15 Nelson Street, Brighton. James was 20 and Mary was 21. Mary's father was Richard Jeffery (Fisherman). l cannot find these on the 1881.Census, or any information.

James was born 5/11/1851, at 26 Pimlico.Brighton. His parents were James Goble (Sawyer) although records office put Lawyer, hardly right, considering where they lived, and Jemima (Kathoeber) born 1824, Brighton. Her parents were George and Elizabeth. This is my mother's parent line.

My father's parent line was:

Thomas William Cork (Grandfather) (Cabbie), born 26/1/1881, Workhouse, Brighton. Home address was 12 Oxford Place, Brighton. Married Emily Naomi Mitchell 29/11/1905, Brighton. Emily was born 3/12/1882, 72 Elder Street, Brighton. Home address was 27 London Street, Brighton. Emily's parents were William Mitchell (General Labourer) and Elizabeth (Gilden). Thomas was a Horse Drawn Cabbie, from Brighton Station.

Thomas's parents were Walter George Cork (Bricklayer) and Sarah Ann (Towner) born 1846, Brighton. l can find nothing on where or when Walter was born. Thomas Cork's last known address was 14 Whichelo Place, Brighton. There was also a son called Walter George Cork, born 13/6/1871 to Sarah Ann Cork (Towner) and George Thomas Cork. (Bricklayer Journeyman), address 54 Elder Street, Brighton. I presume he was my grandad's brother, but why the change of name for father?

Both my parents were the youngest in their families, and both lost their mother when they were very young.

If anyone has any information on the families above, l would appreciate hearing from you.

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