McMahon, Greenfield, Barkshire, Elliott, and others in Sussex

James McMAHON was a tailor from Ireland. He married Mary GREENFIELD of Burpham and their children were all born in Arundel. Mary's parents were Edward GREENFIELD, parish clerk in Burpham and Hannah GAMMON, born in Hawkley Hampshire. The rest of James' family is unknown, though his family could have arrived in Sussex with the Clare Militia.

One McMAHON son, Edward, a shoemaker, married Eliza ROUT of Slindon. Eliza's ancestors are ROUT and DEAN of Slindon (back to the 1770's), BARKSHIRE of Midhurst, TROTT of Pagham. The BARKSHIREs later became well established in the Arundel area also.

Edward and Eliza McMAHON moved to Brighton where they had ten children. Their eldest Edward Oliver McMAHON became an Archdeacon in Madagascar. A daughter, Kate married into the ELLIOTT family. The ELLIOTTs were originally from London and moved to Brighton with the railway. About a dozen of the extended family were employed by the London Brighton and South Coast Railway.

The ELLIOTT family is also intertwined with LAMPITT of London and Brighton and LEANEY and HOBDEN of the Ditchling, Keymer and Plumpton areas of Sussex, chiefly in the brickmaking industry.

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