Please send any mail to
SFHG Membership Secretary, Westmead, Coxham Lane, Steyning BN44 3LG, UK
or check box to email

Subscriptions are payable annually on the anniversary of the month you joined
(or on 1st January if you joined prior to 29th August 2013) without notice or receipt.

The table shows the annual subscription rates in pounds sterling according to address and membership category. The additional cost of £2 which partly covers the cost of delivery of the quarterly journals overseas is reflected in the rates.

The four classes, revised in the 2005 constitution, are 'Individual' for one person, 'Joint' for two persons at the same address, 'Junior' (under 18), and 'Subscribing member organisation' for a body such as a family history society.

UK Address Overseas Address
Category Sterling Cheque or Card Sterling Cheque or Card
Individual £ 15.00 £ 17.00
Joint (two people at one address) £ 17.00 £ 19.00
Junior (under 18 on joining) £ 12.00 £ 14.00
Subscribing member organisation £ 18.00 £ 20.00

The introduction of Direct Debits is really helping to reduce the administration of renewals. It would be greatly appreciated if members who pay particularly by cheque would consider setting up a Direct Debit using the form below.

Direct Debits:
We now have the ability to accept Direct Debits. If you currently pay by cheque you can use this form. It is a .pdf file.
If you currently pay by Standing Order you can use this form
Gift Aid:
If you pay UK income tax, or capital gains tax, and print and sign the Gift Aid form, the SFHG is able to recover the tax paid on the membership subscription. This form is also a .pdf file.
We have a local SFHG agent in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the USA to whom you can send your postal renewal subscriptions only. Details will be given with your renewal form.
By post or electronic form. Note the relevant details from the table and click on one of the four options below to go to the form to be printed, or to be completed online.
Payment by credit or debit card is secure. Options are Mastercard, Visa credit and debit, and Maestro. A successful transaction generates an automatic email acknowledgement.
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Each category of membership receives quarterly one copy of the Sussex Family Historian either by post or online.

Each new member also receives a copy of the Members Handbook, the latest version of which is available to members as a pdf to view here.

Members may attend SFHG meetings at any or all meeting centres and those of other local societies listed on our Meeting Centre page.