List Netiquette

Keep your questions and comments to Genealogy and Local History

Be careful when using sarcasm and humour. Without face to face communication your joke may be viewed as criticism.

Using capitals, other than for SURNAMES and maybe headings, is generally regarded as SHOUTING and undesirable.

Putting SURNAMES in UPPERCASE is effective and makes them easier for others to spot when reading their mail

*Asterisks* surrounding a word also can be used to make a stronger point.

Do not forward personal e-mail to the list without getting the author's permission first. Also do not forward from one mail list to another without permission from the original author.

If you have a problem with a list member, write to

Be careful when you reply to messages or postings or you may accidentally send a personal response to a great many people.

If you click on Reply, the message will go only to the member making the post. If you click on Reply All it will also go to the full list.

Be sure the subject line reflects the topic. Do not click on reply and then start a new thread leaving the old subject line in the header.

Try to list any dates and locations that you know (within reason)! Maybe someone else will be searching that SURNAME in that time period and locality, (not necessarily your ancestor but maybe a brother, sister or cousin).

Also SKS (some kind soul) may otherwise waste time searching for information you already hold. (Fortunately some members regard a query as a puzzle or a challenge!)

When quoting another person, edit out whatever isn't directly applicable to your reply. Nobody likes reading a long message in quotes for the third or fourth time, only to be followed by a one-line response: "Good Idea!"

When replying you may also want to delete the extra lines with link addresses at the end of posts.

Resist the temptation to "flame" others on the list. Treat the others on the list as you would want them to treat you.

Remember that these discussions are "public" and meant for constructive exchanges.

People disagree, sometimes strongly. Please do state your opinion, clearly and freely in an objective manner but be respectful. Please also understand that others are also free to express their opinion, and tolerance is important.

Take care in what you write. Remember that mailing lists are archived, and that your words will be stored for several years at Rootsweb. Posting to the list is restricted but the archives are *public* and 'google' and others will search them.

Do not send unsolicited commercial e-mail or post inappropriate commercials.

Do not post these. Most likely they are a hoax, particularly the warning "Delete and do not Read!" You cannot receive a virus just by reading an email. Genuine emails from the list will not have attachments.

Read over your e-mail before you send it. Although e-mail is an informal method of communication, be sure you make your points clear and concise. Will it make sense to someone who doesn't know all that you know?

With acknowledgement to material found at these sites.