Privacy - How Your Personal Data is Used and Protected

When you join the SFHG, you provide personal information such as name and address, and maybe an email address. The personal information is held on computer by three SFHG officers, and in each case the computer is firewall protected for security purposes. A subset of the information, normally without your postal address, may be provided to other SFHG officers to enable them to perform their roles.

Your name and address are used for posting to you the Sussex Family Historian, and if it is necessary to contact you by mail.

Your name, address, and membership number are published once in the SFHG's quarterly journal, the Sussex Family Historian, as are any changes that you supply.

If you supply your surname research interests, these will appear once in the journal, and will also be on our website , for others to see. Your postal address is not shown on the website. You also have the choice of whether your internet address, if any, appears on the website.

If you so wish, the online information may be restricted to viewing by those who have the user and password details that are provided on request to SFHG members.

If a researcher asks the SFHG about surname interests and your interests match, either your email or postal address will be passed to the requester. From time to time, an SFHG Members' Interests directory may be published in book form.

If you pay your subscription over the Internet, an SSL secure server is used so that credit card details are encrypted. The SFHG does not see the credit card information.

Apart from the initial SFH journal entry, and anything you authorise relating to members interests or provide for display on the website, your personal details are available on a limited basis to officers of the SFHG, and are not provided to anyone else, within or outside of the SFHG.