Would you like to help but are too busy to volunteer on a regular basis?

The Group is compiling a list of abilities and skills which members might be able to offer if called upon. For instance if you have legal knowledge, and would be prepared to take a look at a legal document or an agreement the Group is considering, your advice would be valued.

If you enjoy photography and are a professional or amateur photographer - would you be willing to provide photos on occasions or at events for the Group? Please let us know.

Are you good with computers and prepared to join the small group of members who help when IT expertise is needed? Could you help at bookstalls, with transcribing or note taking.

These are just some examples of how you might be able to help, but perhaps you have other talents - if you think you could help the Group in any way, do please get in touch and complete the form below - even if only to register your occupation. SFHG needs you.

The more members willing to help, the less work for everyone!

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Skills, abilities
Occupation, if relevant