SFHG Website

The website was created in 1995 by the late Tony Hodgkinson, who developed it singlehandedly and was webmaster until Autumn 2001, by which time he had moved to Lincolnshire.

In December 2000 Alan Stoner took over the maintenance, and subsequently the role of webmaster. Since then, with contributions from various members of the group, the content has been expanded and in August 2004 the site was winner of the Federation of Family History Societies Web Award for the member society with the best website, an achievement that was repeated in 2007.

In October 2012 Dave Wicks took over the role of webmaster.

Mals shopping cart is used to securely collect payments for membership subscriptions and sales of publications.

For the technically minded, the site is largely compliant with 'xhtml-1 strict' and the validation tool used is Liam Quinn's ARV program. The IBM REXX (now Open Object) language is used for utility programs such as the one that creates the members interests pages from a flat file exported from a Microsoft Access database.